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Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery: 'We're All Doing it Anyway'

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From Kylie Jenner’s lip injections to Ariel Winter’s breast reduction and Iggy Azalea’s nose job, celebrities are getting more candid about their decisions to go under the knife. Now, Azalea is speaking out once again about her nose job, just to say she wants everyone else to stop talking about it.

Iggy Azalea Elle Canada
Max Abadian for Elle Canada

In her March Elle Canada cover story, Azalea, who has been open about her nose job and breast augmentation in the past, addresses the taboo of plastic surgery as a whole in today’s society, wishing it wouldn’t be such a secret anymore.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures,” she tells Elle Canada. “That’s just the reality. And I think more people need to admit that shit so it doesn’t have to be so taboo—because we’re all doing it anyway.”

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Iggy Azalea Elle Canada
Max Abadian for Elle Canada

Which is why, in an effort to change the stereotype herself, the star has no qualms about sharing the real reason behind her rhinoplasty.

“I wanted to change my nose because I didn’t grow up with a bump on it — that happened when I got smashed in the face with a soccer ball when I was 16,” she shares. “Now I feel like my nose looks the way it’s supposed to look. But for how long do we have to acknowledge that I got a nose job? For the rest of my life? Am I going to be 45 and people are still saying ‘Nice nose job’?”

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So as far as her haters are concerned, Azalea is sure they’d jump on the bandwagon if the opportunity presented itself.

“All of those women [who criticize someone for having surgery] — if they had $10 million in their account tomorrow, I’d dare them not to change one thing about themselves or at least think about it,” she says.

What do you think of Azalea’s views on plastic surgery? Sound off below.

— Jillian Ruffo