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Hunger Games Fever? Cure It With These Katniss-Approved Picks

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Courtesy Nicholas K; Net-a-Porter; Inset: Lionsgate

You may not be able to take home the things you really want from Hunger Games: Catching Fire (that would be Peeta and Gale, obviously). But if you walked away from the film this weekend thinking you could use a little Panem style in your life, you’re in luck. Though Costume Designer Trish Summerville created many of the costumes from scratch, others (like Effie Trinket’s butterfly dress) came right off the runway. And though some pieces may require a Capitol budget to buy, you can also get the distinctive style at your drugstore, thanks to Covergirl.

If you’re team Gale, you might want to get your hands on the distinctive Nicholas K leather jacket Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss wears to hunt in the woods before getting whisked away on her Victors’ tour. If it attracts a guy like Liam Hemsworth, we’d say it’s worth the $580.

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If you’re team Peeta, you might prefer a more glamorous outfit, like what Lawrence wears in the Capitol for their welcome party. Summerville created an entire line, Capitol Couture, inspired by the film, which includes everything from “Girl on Fire” tees to arrow-motif cuffs to this leather laser-cut dress, which we can imagine bursting into dazzling flames if you twirl long enough.

The dress, plus more fashion inspired by the movie, is available exclusively on as part of the Capitol Couture collection.

And if you’re just hoping to get a little bit of that Capitol glamour without shelling out major bucks, you can check out CoverGirl’s Catching Fire collection, which also comes with a series of videos (like the one above) that show how to use the makeup inspired by each District.

Would you shop something Hunger Games inspired? Which of these are you most likely to buy?

–Alex Apatoff