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How to Get the Look: Black Headbands

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Evening updos can be daunting to most women, and many red carpet updos seem impossible to do on your own (no wonder Jessica Simpson is best friends with her hairdresser!). But this look couldn’t be easier — just combine a slightly messy bun with a thin black elastic headband. — Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

1. Freshly washed hair is too slippery to stay in place in an updo. Try to wash your hair the day before or fake it with a product like Jonathan Dirt Paste).

2. Start by pulling your hair back and smoothing it down across the crown with a brush or your fingers, depending on the texture of your hair. Curly or wavy hair can be left a little messy, like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s (left).

3. Secure the high bun with bobby pins, preferably ones that blend into your hair tone. Skip elastic bands, which can make the bun stand off your head.

4. Put the elastic band on, setting it closer to your forehead than the bun. Make sure that your band is comfortable so you don’t spend the entire evening with a headache! A touch of hair spray and you’re out the door.

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