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How to Get Prim's Braid from Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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In the first Hunger Games film, we were all about Katniss’s braid. But that’s so 2012 (even Jennifer Lawrence thinks so — have you seen her new pixie?). This year, the District 12 braid we most want to wear is seen on her little sister Primrose Everdeen, and in our new special issue (on stands now) we give you the steps to recreate the updo. Don’t worry — it’s less complicated than it looks.

“This is an ethereal braid,” says celeb stylist Christopher Naselli, who recreated the look on a model for us. “Wear it when you want to have fun!” Key tips include a spritz of dry shampoo to make it easier to grip your strands, braiding parallel to your part at the beginning (and only adding in sections along the part) and curving the braid in a “C” shape around the back as you go.

To see the closeup photos (and to read so much more about the upcoming blockbuster movie) pick up a copy of the special issue today. And once you’ve tried the Prim braid yourself, be sure to upload a photo to our YourTurn braids challenge to see if you will be the victor of the Plait Games (like the Hunger Games, but everybody survives and looks really good in the end).

Prim braid how-to Catching FireWill you give this braid a shot? And seriously, how psyched are you for this movie?

–Alex Apatoff