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How to Be a Chanel Girl -- Crimp Your Hair!

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I thought the closest I’d get to being a Chanel girl is my logo sunglasses, but today’s Fall ’07 show in Paris revealed an even cheaper way to get the look of France’s most exclusive brand: crimp my hair. All the models at the show sported some crimped strands — though thankfully not the whole head. Backstage, as they waited between shows (Chanel does two back-to-back shows – one for press and another for clients and buyers), the models sported white lab coats over their outfits and either Chanel ballet flats or platform wedge white tennis shoes (take that, Uggs!). As for the show itself: Lots of sporty chic, slender skirts and — you guessed it — tweed, shown on a runway of artificial snow in Paris’s Grand Palais. Above hung fabric clouds, which at the end released a shower of “snow,” a.k.a confetti – dusting a front row that included Chanel-clad Jessica Biel and casually dressed British singer Lily Allen. Said designer Karl Lagerfeld: “I felt like doing a very chilled décor as we are always talking of global warming, to reassure people.” I, for one, felt totally chilled out.