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How Naomi Watts Stays Fit While Pregnant

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Look at how great Naomi Watts looks strolling through Manhattan yesterday. In this week’s PEOPLE magazine, we learned the secret to her tip-top mom-to-be shape is pilates. But is it okay to tone your core with a baby onboard? Yes, but carefully, says Daniel Loigerot of DL Fit Pilates in New York City, who works with Naomi Watts. The actress, 38, who is expecting a baby with boyfriend Liev Schreiber in July, has kept twice-weekly sessions-even continuing to use the intimidating Reformer apparatus. “I customized a program for her,” says Loigerot, who accommodates Watts’s growing bump by having her work on her side, on all fours or propped up with pillows. Before starting your own routine, check with a doctor. Loigerot offers a few tips:

Avoid exercising on your back after the second trimester. “Baby weight can compress blood vessels in the abdomen.” Instead, lie on your side, sit or stand.

Don’t overstretch. “When you’re pregnant, your muscles get looser, so joint stability decreases and you can pinch a nerve.”

Breathe. Getting oxygen to muscles is key, he says. “You’re breathing for two now.”

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