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How Levi's Saved 172 Million Gallons of Water -- in Just 18 Months

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Courtesy Levi’s

The average pair of jeans requires 42 liters of water to make. That’s 42 liters we could be conserving for our oceans, our drinking — and for those who don’t even have access to clean water.

To reduce its own impact, Levi’s launched Water<Less jeans in 2010, creating a line of denim that uses on average 28 percent less H20 (and in some cases, up to 96 percent). And the company is continuing that eco-friendly trend for spring, rolling out even more classic jeans and shorts created with the environment in mind — just in time for Earth Day.

“Water conservation and clean drinking water are global problems,” actor Adrian Grenier, who attended a dinner at the Levi’s Haus in Los Angeles recently in support of the initiative, tells PEOPLE. “A billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water and I support companies that are making responsible choices to address issues like this.”

By rethinking its finishing process — which requires multiple wash and dryer cycles to give jeans their signature look — Levi’s has saved more than 172 million liters of water in just 18 months. “It’s a great example of how changing our practices can have a positive effect on the world we live in,” Grenier adds.

Learn more about the new process in the clip below, and visit to see how the brand is helping those without access to clean water by partnering with Matt Damon and