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How Kourtney Kardashian Styles the Men in Her Life

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She’s a perfectionista when it comes to her own fashion, but how does style guru Kourtney Kardashian make the men in her life look good? Luckily for her, they’re already naturals.

“I love when guys are into fashion, I think it’s fun,” she told PEOPLE recently at the Sony PlayStation Uncharted 3 Mobile Half-Tuck Truck in N.Y.C. “Scott and I go shopping together all the time and I’m like, what would I do if he hated to shop or didn’t like fashion?”

Though she and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick love to peruse the racks together, her stylish beau seems to have no qualms about picking out his own garb. “Even if I think I know what he would like, it’s never right,” she said of Disick’s distinct style. “If I say, ‘Oh this is so you,’ he’ll say, ‘No I do not like that.’ So I’m never right when it comes to him.”

Instead, she focuses her passion for fashion on styling son Mason. “I dress [Mason] a little boho-preppy, like little moccasins, little vintage belts, Indian belts — I think it’s all about accessories, even if he has a cute pair of sunglasses or he’s wearing something simple,” she said. “The other day I put him in a Burberry scarf and it looked so [amazing], he was just wearing black skinny pants and a black T-shirt and black loafers but the scarf just made his outfit.”

Mason and Scott aren’t the only stylish men in the family, though; it sounds like it’s in the Kardashian genes. “My dad was also always into clothes and fashion and had his closet perfectly organized and my brother is the same way,” she said. “So I think it’s just the guys in our family.”

But whether she’s lending her stylish eye to Mason, Scott or any other man in her life, the clothing designer has a few fashion “don’ts” for dudes. “I hate when guys have an oversize suit that’s not tailored,” she said. “And I don’t like when guys wear baggy pants. I’m into the tailored, preppy look.”

One trend she’s totally loving, though, is the “half-tuck,” when guys tuck their shirts halfway into their pants. “I do it myself,” she said. “It’s so true, when you’re putting something on it could look so wrong if you don’t tuck it the right way.”

–Kim Peiffer