May 14, 2007 04:00 PM

After getting over the shock of seeing Cameron Diaz back to blonde, we were wondering how she (and other stars like Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie) was able to switch between light and dark locks without destroying her hair. Turns out that familiar reddish-brown hue that we’ve seen all the stars sporting is actually part of the process of switching shades. “To make your hair dark from blonde, you have to use a color refresher to make it look shiny and dark,” explains Rita Hazan, who is Simpson’s long-time colorist. “When you transition back to blonde, you let the refresher wash out and you have to go through an orange-y, reddish stage for a month or two. Then you can achieve the blonde you want — in a healthy way.” Another mystery solved. . .

Photo: Bill Davila/startraks; Lisa Rose/jpi; Scott Gries/Getty

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