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Hot T-Shirt Alert: Stars Get in "Vogue" with Trash & Luxury

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INF, BuzzFoto

We first spotted Nicky Hilton in her whimsical Vogue t-shirt earlier in the week, and then we spotted Ashley Tisdale in her equally adorable illustrated T-shirt yesterday on a shopping spree at Kitson. Turns out the hot tees come from Trash & Luxury, a glam new line by L.A. designer Hushi Mortezaie. It seems he got his quirky style from his mentor Patricia Field– the famed Sex & the City stylist responsible for SJP and cast’s outlandishly fashionable costumes. When it comes to his own line, Hushi Mortezaie designs T-shirts that meld a glamorous spirit with a hint of comfort– and what is more glamorous than Vogue? For the first Trash & Luxury collection, Hushi takes his inspiration from ’80s-era New York, the real-life dream world of Los Angeles, Hollywood by night — and a magazine that’s earned its own song. Love the Vogue tees? Get Ashley’s Trash & Luxury tops, $48, at and Nicky’s, $48 , also at