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Holiday Gift We're Loving: Nudo Olive Tree

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Courtesy Nudo

Some people are easy to shop for. Then there are those friends/bosses/mother-in-laws who really do have everything (including impeccable taste) and leave you standing in the middle of the mall, panicked and convinced there’s nothing you can buy them that they wouldn’t want to return. (Don’t let that happen: Shop personalized picks here!) Enter: Nudo, a family-run co-op in Le Marche, Italy, that allows you to adopt one of its olive trees for $69 and give it as a gift. The recipients will receive extra virgin olive oil from their very own tree, plus an open invite to visit it in person (sadly, a plane ticket is not included). You can also add on other seasonal deliveries and delicious products from Find more amazingly unique gift ideas here! –Andrea Lavinthal