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Hillary Clinton's Hairdresser Wants to 'Have Fun' with Her Look: 'I Think She'd Like to Try More Things'

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In light of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s infamous windswept strands that tend to hog all the spotlight, Hillary Clinton‘s signature blonde bob has been sorely overlooked. Not that that’s necessarily something we should even be focusing on considering all of the crucial issues she has to contend with as a candidate, while also systematically breaking down glass ceilings for women everywhere.

But still, if you happen to be the hairdresser who spends every day toiling away doing good work on the prospective POTUS’s locks, the attention surrounding the Donald’s buzzy coif has got to be a source of contention. But now, Clinton’s stylist Isabelle Goetz is finally getting her own moment in the sun, telling all about working with the Democratic nominee over the course of the last decade.

According to Goetz in an interview with The Cut, the pair first started working together way back in 1997 and she’s been Clinton’s main go-to stylist and cutter ever since, sacrificing a lot of her personal life to be always on call for the former First Lady. Though a typical day for Goetz will begin around 7 am, she says, “I wake up as early as 4:45. The schedule is in pencil; things could change all the time. She will come with her hair washed and I’ll style it. Sometimes I cut it when it feels heavy. I blow out her hair with a round brush and volumizing spray, then I give her a face mask that she holds to protect her from the hairspray. It’s like a windshield with a handle. She’s getting a lot of hairspray during the day and I don’t want it to go in her face.”

For the rest of the day the stylist keeps her tools on hand at all times, always checking the next day’s weather, and often not finishing up until 11 p.m.. Goetz says her one rule is, “I want to make sure her hair is never an issue.”

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She also talked about how she helped shaped the Presidential candidate’s look back when they first met, saying, “I gave her a cut in ’98, and little by little I started to transform that bob into something that has more lift and layers. It’s good for a lot of women, especially professional women. It’s feminine but classic. If you push it a little bit back, it has a great line. The style opens up the cheekbones and has volume at the top.”

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And if you’re imagining all of this transpiring in some swanky penthouse suite or luxe salon, Goetz hates to break it to you, but when asked if she has ever had to work in cramped spaces, she confessed, “I’ve seen a lot of restrooms,” and in order to know when to step in or back off for touch ups on Hillary, “you have to read her mind.”

And though she hopes to never set hands on Trump’s do, saying “I think he looks like who he is. It’s fake. It’s weird. It’s yellow. It’s him,” she does have some ideas for where she’d like to take Clinton’s look next. When asked about potential changes, Goetz said, “I think she’d like to try more things with it. But for now, that look is a good look and she should stick with it. For her daughter’s wedding, we definitely made it more sassy. I hope she has a lot of state dinners and we could have fun again.”

In other words, a Democratic vote come November isn’t just a vote for the first female president. It’s a vote for a much sassier Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What do you think of Hillary’s hairstyle? What would you like to see her try next? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick