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Hilary Duff Cites Reason for Constant Hair Changes: Boredom!

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Daniel Boczarski/WireImage; Andrew Evans/PR Photos

When it comes to her hair, Hilary Duff has been experimenting with the color wheel lately. But the newlywed star — who recently went back to blonde after going brunette (and cutting bangs) — has an explanation for all of the quick changes: boredom. “I was like ‘I’m bored and I like wanted to dye my hair really really blonde,’ and then I got scared — and then it turned out really blonde,” she told PEOPLE at the The Beauty Detox Solution book launch party in West Hollywood on Wednesday. “I haven’t been this blonde and my sister’s like calling me Lizzie [McGuire] which is so funny,” she says, referring to her star-making role on the Disney Channel. “I’m like, ‘No please don’t call me that!’ [But] it might just be that I feel like I’m really blonde because I haven’t been in so long.” While experimenting with her color recently, Duff just couldn’t get it exactly like she wanted it. “I was at the salon two days a week for the past two weeks and it was driving me crazy. But you know when you’re just not happy? You’re like, ‘I need this tweaked and fixed,’ and so it was just me being mental,” she admits. But no matter how “mental” she becomes about her hair color, Duff says hubby Mike Comrie loves her regardless. “He loves me blonde,” she says, “but when we met I had brown hair so I think he loves me anyway.” Lucky gal! Tell us: What do you think of Duff’s ever-changing hair?Kim Peiffer, with reporting by Abby Stern