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Helen Mirren's Confidence Boosters: Makeup and Stripper Heels

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Dara Kushner/INF

Who better to take beauty tips from than a woman with 65 years of practice? Stunning British actress Helen Mirren offered up some of her tried-and-true style weapons that never fail to give her a boost in the November issue of U.K. magazine Woman & Home. “Four-inch platforms give you great height and make your legs look unbelievably long,” the Academy Award-winning actress tells the publication. “I used to only be able to get them in stripper shops, but now you can buy them everywhere—although, unfortunately, that means everyone else has discovered the trick too!” In addition to accessorizing with sky-high stilettos, Helen recommends a little non-surgical nip and tuck to lighten your load and your mood! “Holding your tummy in is another trick for making you look and feel good.” But at the end of the day, Helen promises that any flaw can be fixed. “A lot of looking good is simply down to makeup. Wait until you see me in The Tempest—you won’t be saying I look good then,” quips the British beauty. And when all else fails, Helen offers this timeless piece of advice: “Being able to smile is a great short cut to confidence. It helps you have a good time.” To read Helen’s full interview, visit –Jessie Goldberg