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Heidi Klum Dishes On Her Go-To Workout Jams and Staying Fit on the Job

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As is evident to anyone with eyes, Heidi Klum is extremely fit. So it’s no wonder that New Balance tapped her to create a line of activewear, a collaboration that’s going on four years now. “There is nothing wrong with a little fashion at the gym,” she tells PEOPLE. “I always say, I’m trying to bring the runway to treadmill.” Along with an exclusive look at her latest campaign, she shares what gets her motivated on blah days and why working out isn’t really a chore for her.

Heidi Klum New Balance
Courtesy New Balance

First up, let’s get one thing of the way: Even Klum, 41, has moments when she doesn’t want to lace up her sneakers. “If I am lacking motivation one day, or if I am tired, great music and cute workout clothes always encourage me!” she says. Her music of choice? “I’m loving hip-hop music right now. The beat keeps me going.” And as for the cute clothes, well, that’s a no-brainer: “Lately I have been obsessed with [my] sexy bra and rocker legging.”

But she admits that she probably has fewer cheat days than the average person, and that’s because she tries to build her workouts into her lifestyle. “It’s more fun for me and easier for me to stay motivated” if she hits the park or goes for a swim with her kids, she says.

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Heidi Klum New Balance
Courtesy New Balance

In fact, like a true Hollywood mom, Klum says “Keeping up with my four kids is the best form of exercise. My kids and I love to be outdoors. We enjoy walking, biking and hiking with our three dogs. During the summer months we all love going in the swimming pool to cool off after our crazy dance parties! I think it’s important to teach kids how to be active at a young age and make healthy habits, so I always prioritize playtime over TV time.”

And that goes double for when she’s actually got TV time scheduled — for work. “I stand a lot for my job, so I’m lucky to be able to get some extra movement in here and there,” she says of her gigs on America’s Got Talent and Project Runway “I don’t have a typical office job where I sit at a desk all day! When it comes to staying healthy, I take a more traditional route by eating a balanced diet and getting some exercise every day.” And looking really cute while she does it, of course.

Are you into Klum’s line? What’s your favorite way to work in exercise?

–Alex Apatoff