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Heels With Sweats? Random Fishtails? Knee Frames? We Need Your Snap Judgment on These Unusual Style Choices

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We are perpetually grateful to stars who make interesting style choices. Without them, we would have nothing to debate in “Obsessed or Hot Mess” and our at-work AIM conversations would be so dull. Why, just in one day alone, three stars stepped out wearing items that had us furiously typing out our Feelings, and now we’re sharing those Feelings with you.

Khloe Kardashian Shredded jeans
AKM-GSI; Splash News Online; AKM-GSI

Khloé Kardashian‘s Thigh-Framing Jeans (left): We love a good pair of distressed denim — there’s nothing sexier than a little glimpse of skin. So by that token, Kardashian figured, two enormous swaths of skin bared from knee to thigh is the epitome of sexiness. Though we like the way she styled these “jeans,” we’re calling it now: Either stick to shredded jeans or commit to jean shorts entirely. Thigh windows is not a trend that will favor many, though if you’d like to stage a defense in the comments, we welcome your input.

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Jessica Simpson‘s Sweats and Heels Airplane Ensemble (center): No matter how many times we see stars at the airport, we will never cease to be amused by the style choices they make. Sure, they go through security lines faster than the rest of us, and yes, they’re likely flying private, but no matter how breezy one’s airline experience, there’s almost never a situation where sky-high heels and a skintight minidress make sense. Simpson, who arrived at the airport in a fitted navy mini and all-done-up waves, seemed to have made that realization mid-flight, changing into a full Splendid sweatsuit with elastic ankles and a drawstring waist. But — knowing that the paparazzi would be waiting for her on the other side — she left on her towering white platform heels. Are you impressed by her commitment, or confused by her pajama/pumps combo?

Nicole Scherzinger’s Dual Fishtail Hairdo (right): When you can’t decide which trend you want to try, why not just wear them all? Scherzinger did just that, combining beachy waves with fishtail pigtails, then adding an ear cuff, hand jewelry and multiple rings. We aren’t sure quite where to start, but we think it’s with the braid/waves combo platter. Is this a fun spin on the same ol’ styles, or is it too much of a good thing?

Feeling strongly either way about any of these looks? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff