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Hayden Panettiere: Check Out Her Crazy New Hair!

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Olivier Douliery/Startraks

We had to do a double–no, triple–take when we saw the picture on the right of Hayden Panettiere. She was spotted en route to tape the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this afternoon with totally straight hair, and…gasp…bangs! (Of note: She hasn’t ever had bangs before.) We’re still not even sure if we like her new look or not–that’s how in shock we still are–so rather than debate it, we decided to come up with a few theories about why she may have chop chop chopped:

1. She was sick of Miley getting all the attention and decided to try to one-up her. Totally possible.

2. She got inspired by Michelle Obama’s sassy new red highlights and, before she could second-guess herself, booked an appointment with her stylist ASAP to make crazy hair things happen, too. A little less possible, but still possible.

3. She is going to a Gwen Stefani costume party after the Letterman taping and figured she’d get a head start on her costume. Fine, not very possible.

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Tell us: What do you think of Hayden’s wild new hair? Do you have any theories about why she went the bangs route?

–Annie Daly