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Has Jessica Simpson Turned Vegan?

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Michael Tran/FilmMagic

After enduring a rollercoaster of weight gain and loss in the public eye, Jessica Simpson is no stranger to scrutiny of her looks. And with her 30th birthday just weeks away, it looks like she’s gearing up for the big day by overhauling her get-fit approach. “If anyone wants to get in bikini shape before they turn 30 follow @madfit or train with him!,” she Tweeted on June 10 of working with Hollywood trainer Mike Alexander. “He is kicking my butt! Love it! MIKEY!” In the days that followed, she also began Tweeting about dalliances with healthier foods, including the vitamin-rich leafy green Swiss chard–and admitted to trying “yummy” tofu for the very first time, though, she added, “You know your from TX when you have to dip it in ketchup. Ha.” Now, it seems, the star, who recently starred in her own reality show dedicated to investigating ideals of beauty around the world The Price of Beauty has gone meat-and-dairy-free–at least for the moment–in a quest for improved health: “Shocked my system with a vegan diet, special Pu-erh tea from China” she posted Sunday night. If this all seems too extreme for Simpson, even she questioned her choices, Tweeting “Who am I right now? This might be too clean!” What do you think of Jessica taking to Twitter to share her new fitness experimentation? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester