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Harry Potter's Girls Turn Into Fashionistas

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Dave Hogan/Getty

Don’t judge Emma Watson’s fashion sense by what you see onscreen. While Watson’s onscreen alter-ego, Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger, has a wardrobe that seems to consist entirely of striped sweaters, Watson seems to have a red carpet wardrobe that’s almost exclusively Chanel. The 17-year old actress wore Chanel to a Raisa Gorbachev Foundation event in London last month, as well as to the Tokyo and London premieres of Potter — and she plans to wear Chanel in Paris and in the U.S. “I just love it all,” Watson told PEOPLE, as she smoothed her navy blue Chanel Haute Couture dress at the London premiere. “It’s all just beautiful. I think my favorite is the dress I’m going to wear tomorrow in Paris. It’s just. . .it’s amazing. I don’t want to spoil it by telling you about it!” (For the record, Chanel says Watson doesn’t have a deal, “she just chooses to wear Chanel.”) Meanwhile, Watson’s co-star Katie Leung — who has the job of kissing Daniel Radcliffe onscreen — struggled a bit more with her fashion credits. Asked about her gold dress, she told PEOPLE cheerfully: “I’m not sure if it’s Lanvin or Lenvin, but it’s spelled L-A-N-V-I-N,” she said. Asked about her shoes, she glanced at her red-soled black heels, ducked her head, then struggled gamely to pronounce “Louboutin.”