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Happy Birthday! Kylie Jenner Sends Ariana Grande a Massive Box of Her Sold-Out Lip Kits

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John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock; Karwai Tang

Ariana Grande opened at least one of her birthday gifts early this year.

The pop star, 22, received a massive bundle of the beauty products that have taken the world by storm: the Kylie Jenner lip kits. And who was the generous gift from? Kylie Jenner herself, of course.

Ariana's second snapAriana Grande; Snapchat

“Happy early birthday to me,” she captioned her first Snapchat about the lip kits. “Thank you Kylie. My (lips emoji) bout to be so happy. loveU.”

In her many Snapchat videos showing her new gift, Grande says Mary Jo K and Candy K are her favorites. “These two are the ones that I always wear,” she says in the video. “But I’m so excited to try the rest. Thank you Kylie!”

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One video shows her mom trying out the dark metallic matte lip kit, Kymajesty. “Just saying, Kymajesty was actually made for Joan Grande,” she says as her mom tests it out.

Ariana's second snapAriana Grande; Snapchat

Later in her Snap story, Grande’s friend goes for a bright blue shade of Kylie’s lip kits. “This is actually so smooth!” he says in the video, adding that it smells like a “bubblegum milkshake.” The color appears to be Skylie, Kylie’s latest pre-Fourth of July release.

Ariana's first snapAriana Grande; Snapchat

“I kind of love it on you,” she tells her friend in the video.

This is just one of undoubtedly many, many more presents to come for the star’s upcoming birthday. She turns 23 on Sunday!

What do you think of Jenner’s Grande gift? Let us know in the comments below!

–Blake Bakkila