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Handbag Hunt: Looking for a Convertible Like Liv's

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I have not yet reached a place in my life where I can spend more money on a handbag than I have on my refrigerator. But Liv Tyler’s convertible Prada handbag which costs about $2700 (several fridges!) is so everyday perfect, I am determined to find one similar. The beauty lies in its two handle-lengths design. That way, when the bag gets too heavy for your shoulder — as mine often does thanks to magazine overload — you can switch to carrying it by hand without having it dragging on the ground. Luckily, the “convertible” seems to be a popular model this season, and I have found a few variations. Which of these do you like the best? Have you seen any that I’ve missed? — Angela Matusik

1. (Above right) Active Endeavors’ Anna Corinna Lady Duffel, $429, looks amazingly versatile. But too much like a gym bag, perhaps?

2. Miu Miu’s Scamosciato Old Satchel, $1050 at Neiman Marcus, is similar to big sister Prada’s, but still a major investment.

3. Betsey Johnson’s large tote, $385 at Nordstrom, looks like it would do the job nicely, but I’m not sure about all that rock-n-roll hardware.

4. Anthropologie’s, Sly Fox shoulder bag, $578, is aptly named. It’s actually two handbags in one — sneaky!

5. And finally Cole Haan’s large convertible tote, $425, has all the tricks of the others, but looks a bit more sophisticated.

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Photo:GERALDINA AMAYA/FRANK ROSS MEDIA; Courtesy Active Endeavors