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Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I'm 41, So I Need to Be a Girl and Deal With Products'

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Courtesy Restorsea

We like to think of Gwyneth Paltrow as our own personal lifestyle guru. From her bold crop top-wearing skills to her crazy cleanses to those GOOP newsletters (yes, we subscribe!), the actress is everywhere (including in our head as we get ready). So it’s no surprise Restorsea tapped Paltrow as the new face of their skincare line. (After all, she did nab PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful woman title.)

What are her secrets to a flawless complexion? “I try to always cleanse my skin and moisturize at night. I’ve gotten a lot better at it,” she tells PEOPLE. “I used to just wash my face with a wash cloth and water. But now I’m 41, so I need to be a girl and deal with products and put them on and stuff. I still think a hot wash cloth is a really good exfoliator, and I still use it. But I put a cleanser on first. Exfoliation is super important. A hot wash cloth and good scrub.”

Paltrow said she made sure to try out Restorsea’s products for six weeks before committing to the brand. “Because of my website, I get sent things all the time, so I don’t necessarily get very excited about many things. I really loved how this smelled and felt,” she says. “So that’s what drew me to keep using it. Then I saw a real change in my skin. When they approached me, I thought this was fantastic.”

And while the busy mom of two is now a devotee to a real skincare regimen, she maintains that her top beauty tip is making sure to exercise: “If you have a good sweat everyday it’s so detoxifying and good for your skin tone.”

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When it comes to her makeup mantra, Paltrow’s all about a pretty basic palette and always has Max Factor mascara (“It works better than really expensive ones”) on hand. One beauty trend she’s not a fan of: the return of brown lipstick. “I think as you grow into yourself you know what works for you. So you don’t really follow trends like you do when you’re 20. Brown lipstick, I don’t think I’ll be bringing that back.”

The ’90s will be making a comeback in the Paltrow household via her overalls collection. “I love overalls. I never stopped wearing overalls,” she said. Another warm-weather wardrobe staple? “I’m excited to just wear sandals. I’m not a wedge person, I’m sort of into ‘Man Repeller’ shoes at the moment. Ugly-chic sandals for summer.”

What do you think of Paltrow’s beauty advice? What are your go-to beauty products? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico