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Gwen Stefani and Her Style Team Sound Off

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Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Gwen Stefani may be known for her trend-setting style, but she’s not alone in creating her flawless image. Last night, the star turned out to the “Stylist: Interpreters of Fashion” book party with her longtime team of hairstylist Danilo and stylist (and L.A.M.B. collaborator) Andrea Lieberman. Gwen gushed to PEOPLE “It’s beyond work.They’re kind of like my best friends. We play house together all the time.” Echoing Gwen’s declaration of friendship, Andrea told PEOPLE, “She is not like most people at all. She is amazing. She’s a joy to be around, a dear friend. She is totally cute and unique.” So how do you dress a style icon? Andrea gives all the credit to Gwen, saying “I don’t think anyone can make her her. She is so 100% pure Gwen. I think one can elaborate and enrich it. . .but it’s always really fun.” And it’s always really fun for us to see what she comes up with next!