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Grammys 2016: Justin Bieber's Little Bro 'Wanted to Wear His Hair Down Just Like His Brother'

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Monday’s Grammy Awards were big for Justin Bieber. Not only did he bring his little brother, steal all of our hearts with his “Love Yourself” performance, and (of course) win his first Grammy, but he also got his unruly (and occasionally mermaid-inspired) hair under control. So we spoke to his hairstylist, Florido, about his Grammy-winning hairstyle and what the future holds for his strands.

Justin Bieber Grammys
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“It’s the Grammys. I wanted to take it up a notch,” says Florido, the man behind Bieber’s cut and color for the past 5 years. “With what he was wearing I thought it was really cool to slick it back with a little bit of volume.”

Ready to send hair hints to your S.O.? Here’s the how-to: “I started with wet hair. I prepped the hair with a little bit of root-lifting mousse to give it a little bit of volume,” he tells PeopleStyle. “Then, I slicked it back with grooming cream, and used the T3 Proi blow dryer and a Mason Pearson brush and blow the hair in the direction I wanted it to stay. The heat helps it form into place.”

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As if Bieber’s locks weren’t enough for us to swoon over, his adorable little brother, Jaxon, joined him on the red carpet sporting a style to match his big bro’s. “Jaxon let me play with his hair today — he was super excited to go on the carpet,” Florido shared. “I brushed it out, applied a little wave spray, and let it do its thing. He wanted to wear it down, just like his brother.”

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And as far as Bieber’s hairstyle evolution is concerned, Florido adds that Bieber is in a “grow-out phase” — meaning there may be man-bun length on the horizon.

“He’s been experimenting with a lot of different things, but for the longest time he’s wanted a topknot,” Florido says. “Sometimes he’ll put it up in a ponytail. I’m excited to see where this goes. I had no idea he’d even want to grow his hair out this long!”

What we won’t be seeing soon? A return to his last hairstyle, which fans named “The Quiff”, Florido assures us. “No one ever thought he’d get over his side swoop! It was short on the sides and a flip in the front … We’re definitely not going back in time.”

What hairstyle are you dying to see on the star? Do you miss The Quiff? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo