October 09, 2012 07:30 PM

Between Serena going by “Sabrina” and claiming she grew up in Wisconsin and Rufus and Ivy’s hook-up (ew?!), Gossip Girl‘s season six premiere’s plot was as unrealistic and all over the place as ever. But story line aside, the clothes (unsurprisingly) surpassed our expectations. Here are the top four style moments from last night’s episode:

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

1. “Sabrina’s” wedding dress: The last time we saw Serena, she was passed out on a train to nowhere. After not hearing from her all summer, the gang goes on a hilarious search-and-rescue mission. When they find Serena (who’s now going by “Sabrina” for reasons we still don’t quite get) she’s not only alive and well, she’s attending a wedding with her new millionaire boyfriend, Steven. And Serena/Sabrina must be super-smitten with her new beau because she color-coordinated her very low-cut yellow-and-white Jenny Packham gown with his pocket square. Now that’s love, people!

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

2. Chuck and Blair’s pattern making: Though we’re six seasons in, “Chair’s” relationship (that would be Chuck and Blair) is still as confusing as ever. One thing they do have nailed down, though: mixing prints. Blair opted for a navy polka-dot Prada top, coral skirt and an orange printed purse, while Chuck managed to upstage her in a plaid blazer, checked shirt and blue bow tie.

Giovanni Rufino/The CW

3. Georgina’s big bling: Georgina has always been the only character who seems to really embrace the show’s outrageous plotlines, and luckily she’s back for the final season — and she’s making a statement … with her necklaces. We’re assuming her ginormous jeweled collar also doubled as a shield to fight off anyone who tried to disrupt her scheming.

4. Lily’s ladylike hair: Best hair of the night goes to Lily. Serena’s mom’s braided chignon at the beginning of the episode was chic and on-trend. Also worth noting: Her almost-as-big-as-Jennifer-Aniston’s-engagement-ring diamond stud earrings.

So though we’re just one episode in, we already can’t wait to see what else our favorite Upper East Siders wear throughout what’s sure to be an over-the-top final season. XOXO Tell us: Which outfit was your favorite?

–Jennifer Cress


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