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'Gossip Girl' Katie Cassidy Shares Her 'Less is More' Beauty Secrets

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Gary He/AP

Since joining the cast of Gossip Girl as Juliet Sharp, Katie Cassidy has quickly developed a queen bee’s discerning eye. “I’m learning about fashion and I find myself knowing more about what I should wear,” she tells PEOPLE. “The whole show is very chic and the clothes are unbelievably beautiful. It’s like a girl’s playground.” But it turns out that for her own beauty regimen “less is more.” The actress focuses on keeping a balanced skincare routine, where sleep is high priority and is supplemented by product favorites like SkinCeuticals, La Mer and even drugstore standby, Aquaphor. As for her red carpet-ready smile, the star has teamed up with Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips, who are helping to promote Katie’s favorite charity HELP, a non-profit group that serves children around the world. When she’s not busy working on-set or with the charity, how does the starlet stay in tiptop form? “I always mix it up. I do everything from yoga to running — StairMaster does wonders for your butt, ladies!” If that’s all it takes to look as good as Katie, we’re sold! – Hana Choi; reporting by Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester