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Go Inside Gayle King's Closet (PHOTOS)

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There are a lot of perks to having the trifecta of jobs (CBS This Morning anchor, O Magazine editor-at-large and Oprah’s best friend) that Gayle King has. And chief among them is a truly jam-packed closet of fabulous goods. But the magazine’s creative director Adam Glassman decided it was time for an intervention — and set out to pare down King’s collection.

Noah Galloway Armitron
Courtesy O the Oprah Magazine

Fortunately for us, that resulted in a fun trip inside King’s accessory-filled shelves, which Coveteur photographer Renee Rodenkirchen captured for O. “I’ve needed a few new things … along with my old things,” King admits as an explanation for why she agreed to Glassman’s closet clean-out. (The magazine reveals it took nine hours of back-and-forth before they were finished!)

Noah Galloway Armitron
Renee Rodenkirchen of The Coveteur

And their exchanges will sound familiar to anyone who has ever enlisted a pal to clean out her closet in the past. A few choice excerpts:

King, on a gold necklace: “But Adam, I wore that to Alicia Keys’ Egyptian-themed birthday party.”
Adam, while getting rid of it: “Listen, Cleopatra, the next time you’re invited to an Egyptian party, I’ll get you a new necklace. It’s not that bad; it’s just that you have better ones.”

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Noah Galloway Armitron
Renee Rodenkirchen of The Coveteur


King, on a pair of gold cuffs Glassman is eyeballing: “Is there a problem?”
Glassman: “Of course not, Wonder Woman. Now go fight some crime.”

Noah Galloway Armitron
Renee Rodenkirchen of The Coveteur

King, on a bag she likes: “This cork and leather tote will be great when I go to an island.
Glassman, getting rid of it. “You’ve said that about five different bags. Where are all of these islands you’re going to, Gilligan?”
King, thoughtfully: “Well, there’s Staten Island, there’s Long Island, and isn’t Manhattan an island?”

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See all the pics in the new issue on stands Aug. 11, and tell us: Are you loving the closet tour? Are you a keeper or great at the clean-out? Share below!

–Alex Apatoff