May 23, 2012 04:00 PM
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If you’re looking to get past the velvet rope at a hot nightclub this weekend, Giuliana Rancic definitely knows how.

“It’s all about confidence,” the E! News host tells PEOPLE. “It’s not always the skinniest, tallest, or prettiest but it’s the most confident that gets let in.”

Rancic teamed up with Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy (Heidi Klum is the brand’s new face) to star in a “Best Night Ever” TV vignette (above), which reveals what it takes to get into exclusive hotspots. “I play a bouncer, and it shows me letting people in — and I tend to focus on the person’s hair,” she explains.

To prepare for her role, the news anchor and reality TV star said she used some of her own experiences. “When I first moved out to L.A., I was going to all the hot clubs,” she reveals. “Me and my friends would walk right to the front of the line and lie to the bouncer and say someone was waiting for us — 90 percent of the time it worked!”

Rancic says long and wavy hair makes her feel the most confident now — but she used to sport a very different do. “I had long, bleached-out blonde hair with dark roots — it was pretty tragic,” the Fashion Police star jokes. “The first week I started working, a high-profile producer told me I should chop off my hair to my chin, get my roots done and try a softer blonde. It looked quite cute actually.”

Although Rancic liked the cropped look, she’s in no rush to chop off her luscious long locks. “As you get older, you want to milk that window of where it’s appropriate to keep it long,” she quips. “Because eventually it’s going to look desperate.”

30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski, Bravo‘s Andy Cohen and actor Tim Meadows also star in the campaign. To check out their TV spots click over to

–Jennifer Cress 


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