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Alex Abel
July 06, 2017 05:18 PM

Gigi Hadid may be the quintessential Cali girl, and not just because of her long blonde (or are they bronde?) locks. Born and bred in L.A., she’s always had the beach and warm weather at her fingertips. Now that it’s summer for the rest of the country too, the Reebok global ambassador revealed what that season looks like for her in a new video for the brand.

First things first: swimwear. Although she loves both a one-piece and a bikini, the model has specific reasons for choosing each one. “I feel sportier in a one-piece, you know what I mean? Like when I’m playing volleyball I want to wear a one-piece,” she shares. “But, if you want a tan you’ve got to wear a bikini.” We hear you on that, Gigi!

Courtesy Reebok

When it comes to something to throw over that suit? She definitely prefers shorts to a skirt. “Shorts because I hate a skirt,” she says, adding, “Don’t hate a skirt, but like don’t want to wear it, you know what I mean?” That answer might explain why she’s been decked out in some interesting pants lately despite the heat.

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Of course, everyone loves a good summer treat. For this supermodel, it’s all about ice cream over a popsicle. “Preferably mint chocolate chip,” she specifies.

Finally, we can always count on this lady for an amazing set of beach waves, and for good reason — they’re her summer go-to! When paired against a sleek and straight do, she chose the former because “sleek and straight takes too long.”

Want to know more from the supermodel? Catch the rest of her answers in the video below!

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