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Gifts That Give Back: A Made-In-Brooklyn Flask That Aids Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Courtesy of Thorny Rose Wines

You’ve been busily bookmarking our gift guide, but this December, we’re also going to draw your attention to great gifts that also give back — to the community, to children, to the world around us. Check them out, and share your favorite gifts that give in the comments.

Running out of ideas for that man in your life who makes you laugh, knows all the coolest bands and fixes his own bike? Think you can’t possibly give him one more ironic mustache product, and you want to truly up the cool quotient? Raise a glass — well, so to speak — in his direction with this cheeky flask, a collaboration between über-hip Brooklyn boutique In God We Trust and Washington-based Thorny Rose wines (editors can verify: It’s delicious!). The flasks are hand-etched, so they’re as one-of-a-kind as he is, and they can hold about two glasses of wine (on second thought, maybe we should get an extra for ourselves).

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Even better than the portable alcohol component of this gift: 100% of the proceeds go towards Waves for Water‘s Hurricane Sandy relief initiative. Though the hurricane devastated much of the Northeast more than a year ago, many families are still displaced and don’t have a reliable place to get a hot meal. So with this gift, which is sure to make the recipient smile, you’ll be helping make hundreds of others smile as well with the generous gift of a hot meal. A good drink, a good deed and a good gift — we’ll drink to that! If you’re sold, you can get the flask here.

How are you giving back this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!