Emily Kirkpatrick
November 24, 2016 06:00 AM

Thanksgiving means many things to many people, and for some of those people, it means the official start to holiday shopping season. That’s right: The big present-giving occasions are right around the corner, and you have a month to start stocking up for everyone on your list. But before you start hyperventilating with the realization that you’ve once again procrastinated all of your yuletide shopping until the last minute, let us take the legwork out of your gift list this year with our handy, curated guide to buying things for everyone in your life.

Let’s start with the hardest group to find things for, people you don’t really know. This could be anyone from a holiday party hostess to the coworker you say hi to, but don’t necessarily know their last name.

You can never go wrong with a perfectly scented holiday candle. As the kids would say, it’s lit. (The Coziest Holiday Candles to Give This Winter)

And let’s face it, there are some friends and family you just like more than others, but no matter whether they land on your naughty or nice list we have jewelry ranging from $25 to $2500 that is guaranteed to fit the bill. (Irresistible Jewelry Gifts from $25 to $2,500)

One of the drawbacks of working in an office setting is being faced with the herculean task once a year of trying to figure out what to gift a near stranger for White Elephant. We say, start with a comfy pair of cheap PJs and go from there. (Savvy Santa! The Best Holiday Presents for $25 or Less)

Perfect for the person whose taste you can never quite decipher, play to their ego with a personalized gift, which seems thoughtful and unique even though it really only takes an in-depth knowledge of the receiver’s initials. (The Most Thoughtful — and Unexpected! — Personalized Gifts)

If you’re renown for staying on the cutting edge of what’s hip, now, and next, you can’t go wrong with one of these most-pinned Pinterest-approved items that will keep every It-Girl you know perfectly on trend. (The Top Gifts to Give This Year — According to Pinterest)

For those who love to go above and beyond with their holiday giving, but still don’t want to break the bank, may we suggest indulging in one of these beauty gift sets, i.e. the holiday equivalent of a present sampler platter. (The Best Gift Sets For The Beauty Lover In Your Life)

And while subscription boxes like this beauty one from Birchbox may cost you a bit of extra dough, it’s also a great once a month reminder that you are, and will continue to be, the absolute best. (Subscription Boxes That Will Make You Their Favorite Person All Year Round)

For shoppers who are of the school of ripping the gifting Band-Aid off all in one go, you’re sure to enjoy our one-stop-shop mall gift guide that will help you knock out that gift list all in a single trip. (One Stop Shop! The Best Mall Store Gifts for Everyone on Your List)

Likewise when you buy a one-size fits all present, your gifting will become easier than ever since you’ll never have to second-guess someone’s sizing our keep track of all those receipts for returns. (The Most Stylish Gifts For The Fashionista In Your Life)

And because shopping for the dudes in your life always poses its own particular set of problems, why don’t you let us take the guesswork out of what to buy all the men in your life. (Foolproof Gifts for Dudes)

Finally, because there will never be any shortage of difficult people who seem to be displeased by your thoughtful tokens of generosity, we know exactly what you should get all the most impossible people on your shopping list. Although, never forget, a good lump of coal is also always a highly enjoyable and cost-effective present. (A Guide to Shopping for Every Impossible Person in Your Life)

What gifts are you getting your friends and family for the holidays? Sound off below

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