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Get the Look: Brooke Charvet's Side Braid

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Adam Taylor/ABC

J.R. Martinez logged two perfect scores on
Dancing with the Stars
Monday night — and host Brooke Charvet‘s hair was looking pretty perfect, too, tied up in a sweet side-braid.

Just like last week, we asked the stylists at Hotheads how to achieve her look at home. Just follow these steps from stylist Sheenon Olson:

1. Start by making a ponytail on either the left or right side so that it cascades onto your shoulder.

2. Separate the ponytail into two pieces, then take a thin piece from the outside of the right and join it with the left. Reverse how you are holding the hair and switch hands, then take a thin piece from the outside of the left side and join it with the right.

3. Repeat these steps until the braid is as long as you desire, and secure with a hairband. For a more bohemian look pull the braid apart a bit (but not too much!) to give it a disheveled look.