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Get the Look: Brooke Charvet's Romantic 'Dancing with the Stars' Curls

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Adam Taylor/ABC

Ricki Lake earned a near-perfect score on Monday night’s
Dancing with the Stars
, but it was Brooke Charvet‘s perfect hairstyle that caught our attention. The hostess wore her long locks in a Veronica Lake ’40s-inspired style, with curls falling over her shoulders.

So just like last week, we asked the stylists at Hotheads how to achieve her look at home. Just follow these steps from stylist Sheenon Olson:

1. Part your hair on the left or right side, your choice.

2. Use a wide curling iron to create barrel curls. Be sure to keep the curls intact; don’t break them apart (Charvet’s curls were “never disturbed,” Olson says). And keep you iron horizontal while styling — this will give you the cascading curls that inspired the hairstyle.

3. If your hair does not hold curls, you have two options: supplement your own hair with extensions like HotHeads, which will hold the curl and help support your own curls, or set the curls with clips. (Olson recommends doing both for maximum hold.)

4. Once the curls have been set, place bobby pins vertically on the back of the head, with each one slightly overlapping the last. Allow hair from the crown to fall and cover the pins.

Tip: If you want the curls to have a softer look, brush them with a Mason Pearson brush, making smooth strokes from the roots to the ends. Start slowly, and work in small increments.