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Get the Look: Brooke Charvet's Long Waves

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Courtesy ABC

When Brooke Charvet said goodbye to David Arquette on this week’s
Dancing with the Stars
, she did so while sporting a smile — and some seriously pretty hair. Tuesday, the hostess wore her long brunette locks in loose waves, a look we really love.

Just like last week, we asked the stylists at Hotheads how to achieve her look at home. They recommend using an iron like the Enzo Milano Conico iron, which comes with a convenient heatproof glove. And though there are several ways to emulate her waves, the easiest is to follow these steps from stylist Sheenon Olson:

1. Start with dry hair. If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, prep with mousse.

2. Be sure to work in small sections no bigger than 2-in.-by-2-in. Prep each section with a product like Redken’s Starch Spray 15, which is heat activated. Using the glove — if you have a Conico tool — wrap the hair around the iron, working your way down the rod. Once you have fully heated the strand (10-15 seconds) pull the rod out of the curl and allow the curl to cool for a moment.

3. Repeat this process for the entire head. Finish the hair with a hairspray like L’Oréal’s Elnett.

4. To get volume in the hair without breaking apart the curls, use a pick to lightly backcomb the hair. The goal is to lightly break up the curls, so work slowly and be patient.