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Get the Look: Brooke Charvet's Chic Chignon

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Adam Taylor/ABC

The season finale of
Dancing with the Stars
was a real nail-biter (congrats to the champ!), but one constant throughout the season was Brooke Charvet‘s perfectly coiffed hair. For Monday night’s final showdown, the hostess wore her locks in a low chignon — a classy, classic style.

So just like last week, we asked the stylists at Hotheads how to achieve her look at home. Follow these steps from stylist Sheenon Olson:

1. Create a part and brush your hair smooth. If you want some volume at the crown, spray with a light hairspray and backcomb at the roots. Then gently smooth the hair on top.

2. Gather all the hair into a low ponytail and use a hair tie, making sure the tie is secure — this is the anchor for the rest of this style.

3. Decide how you want the chignon to look. This is where you can get creative! One option is to split the ponytail into three sections, lightly backcomb each section and then braid the hair. Take the braid and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to create your chignon and secure with bobby pins.

If you want something slightly more polished, split the hair into three to five sections and start twisting one section at a time, wrapping it around the base of the ponytail. Create a symmetrical shape with the twisted pieces, and voilà. Tip: Make sure you always aim for symmetry and fullness when making a chignon.