June 21, 2011 07:00 PM

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Gabrielle Union, PEOPLE StyleWatch‘s July cover girl, is one well-dressed woman — and lucky for us, she’s sharing some of her current obsessions. The actress tells PEOPLE StyleWatch that her style stems from a few wardrobe staples, like classic accessories. “I live in hoops — classic, funky, high-end. I’ve never seen a hoop that didn’t agree with me,” she says. “I’m addicted. I love going to Cost Plus [World Market] — it’s so easy to grab a bunch — funky hoops, ones with splashes of color, all-purpose ones. They’re like $4.95!” And it’s not just earrings Union scores for less. “I like to mix high-end, designer things with funkier less expensive pieces. Even ones under $10,” she reveals. “I call it balling on a budget!” But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the urge to splurge. “I already did it,” she admits of her latest big-ticket items, two designers handbags. “One is a zippered Alexander Wang, the other is a chain-strap Stella McCartney.” Perhaps she can pair them with her neutral outfits? “I wear a lot of white,” she says. “White clothes just give an air of comfort. And if you don’t go too tight, it looks good on most people.” And what outfit is complete without a little glitter? “My rule for sparkle is that there’s no such thing as too sparkly of a dress! It makes you feel like a princess,” she shares. “Just play down the rest.” Get more of Union’s tips in the latest issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch, on newsstands now. Tell us: What are your style essentials? –Kim Peiffer


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