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Friday Flashback: 'Gossip Girl' Edition

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Courtesy The CW

The countdown is on: There are only three more days until the sixth and final season of
Gossip Girl
kicks off. And we care about one thing and one thing only: what S and B will be wearing.

In anticipation of the season premiere, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and find the looks the two leading ladies wore for the series premiere five years ago.

The very first glimpse we got of Serena van der Woodsen was when she arrived at Grand Central Terminal, returning to the city after having disappeared to boarding school (left).

Her debut look consisted of a light-brown leather jacket, a nautical striped top and dark denim. It was rather covered-up and simple compared to the high-fashion, mixed-print and downright sexy ensembles that came to be Serena’s calling card. Also of note: her hair. Gorgeous, but it’s definitely gotten shinier and more voluminous as the seasons have gone on.

And of course, we couldn’t forget about Blair Waldorf’s first outfit on the show: it was the black lace-and-sheer babydoll dress she was wearing when she found out her long-lost BFF was back in town. (Watch the below clip if you need a refresher.) The ethereal mini (designed by her TV mother, Eleanor) was finished off with what would become Queen B’s signature accessory: a headband. Six seasons later, B occasionally dons headbands, but she pairs them with getups that are far more ladies-who-lunch.

We can’t really fault either of the ensembles (they’re polished, put-together and cute), though we have no doubt that the styles S and B sport on the first episode of the final season of Gossip Girl will be way more over-the-top, memorable and jaw-dropping. Tell us: Whose wardrobe do you like better? Serena’s or Blair’s?

–Jennifer Cress