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Fred Armisen Dishes Out the Funniest Fashion Advice We've Ever Heard (and More Must-See Videos)

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It’s almost Friday, but it isn’t Friday, which is why we assembled three cool, funny, entertaining fashion videos to power you through to Friday. Get genius guy style advice from the hilarious Fred Armisen, watch Derek Zoolander and Hansel’s store-front faceoff and enjoy the edgy new video series Derek Lam 10 Crosby launched for its new fragrances.

Fred Armisen
Amazon Fashion

SNL alum and Portlandia star Fred Armisen teamed up with Amazon Fashion for a special New York Fashion Week: Mens three-part video series where he gives creative, funny, totally wearable fashion advice. In the first video he offers tips for guys looking to spice up their everyday outfits with budget-friendly options. He recruits a thrift store employee to help turn “depressing” toys into fashionable accessories. Let’s just say he puts a whole new meaning to the term “statement making.”

If you hate going through airport security, Armisen has the perfect travel outfit that gets you through the line seamlessly. The secret? Pockets out, extra long shirts, grubby socks and don’t forget your gray bin satchel.

And the final video focuses on how to look appropriate at fancy, formal events. Armisen’s trick? Tuck in everything that you can. Everything. Everything!

Next up, Derek Zoolander. First his “Magnum” pose stopped bullets, now (during promos for the hotly-anticipated sequel, Zoolander 2) he literally stopped traffic during a high stakes faceoff. He and Hansel (you know the tagline) went face-to-face in a mannequin model showdown in Valentino’s Rome storefront.

In an Instagram Zoolander explains that when Mr. Valentino approached him with the idea he responded, “Be prepared to sell a million more butterfly baskets!” (From the looks of these crowds, we’d say mission accomplished!)

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And finally, Derek Lam 10 Crosby launched its new 10-piece fragrance collection with accompanying videos for each scent. The line was inspired by moments seen and imagined outside of Lam’s window at the 10 Crosby Street studio and each scent features distinct notes that contain the true form and essence of its raw ingredients.

To accompany “Looking Glass” (a scent featuring Chinese Mangolia and Tonka bean notes) its video shows a woman recovering from a breakup by dancing “with abandon.”

Which video is your favorite? Sound off below!

— Colleen Kratofil