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Flashback Friday: Liz Phair Has Found the Fountain of Youth

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When Liz Phair hit the red carpet at the Farmland premiere in NYC Thursday night, first we thought: Did we time travel back to 1998? Then we thought: We want to be taking whatever magic vitamins the singer is on, because she looks amazing. Proof? The split above.

Back in 2001 (left photo), Phair might have experimented more with her hair and wardrobe (we’re still trying to figure out what that fur thing is), but her clear complexion and smile looks the exact same as it did Thursday night — 13 years later — when she performed “This Land is Your Land” with Everclear (more ’90s flashbacks!) from the Farmland documentary’s soundtrack. She also celebrated her 47th birthday. (We couldn’t believe her age either.)

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Last year, Phair celebrated the 20th anniversary of her heavily-acclaimed first studio album Exile in Guyville, and it’s great to see she’s still on the scene. What do you think of her agelessness? Is the fountain of youth at Lilith Fair? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico