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Fergie Gets 'Outspoken' about Her Beauty Triumphs--and Tragedies

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Larry Busacca/WireImage

With a new scent on store shelves and her glamorous red-carpet looks consistently gracing the fashion pages, Fergie seems to have her signature style down–but that wasn’t always the case. “There are many pictures of me from high school and I had the spiral perm and I scrunched my hair,” she tells PEOPLE. “I would take two hours sometimes to do my hair before school, which is ridiculous. Teasing my bangs up to six inches high.” These days, the superstar is more confident in her fashion sense, staying true to what she loves, while still evolving her look. She even recently abandoned her ever-present eyebrow ring. “I’ve always been really into piercings,” she says. “[There] was a time that I really felt naked without the piercings. And, you know, it was time for a change.” One other major change in the star’s life? Her aptly named debut fragrance, Outspoken, with Avon. “I had to keep my big mouth shut for two years and every interview I just wanted to burst out and tell people about the updates and where it was going and what the notes were going to be and how I was changing it and I couldn’t say anything, so that was ironic.” Now Fergie can be as outspoken as she’d like about the new scent, as it currently rolls into stores around the country. —Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester, reporting by Jackie Fields