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Fashion Emergency? Call Miss Oops

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Courtesy Miss Oops

They happen all the time: fashion emergencies. Though not dire, running around with deodorant on a black dress or a big gap on a blouse is just, well, uncomfortable. Sure, there are many products on the market that fix some of those faux pas, but we’re partial to the girlie, easy-to-use problem-solvers from Miss Oops. Texas mom Jennifer Higgins developed the line after, ironically, getting deodorant all over one of her fave LBDs, and has built it up with products like the white-mark-erasing “Rescue Sponge” (left, $10), must-have “Mishap Tape” ($9.50), bra-covering “Boob Tubes” ($9.50) and much more. With some new product launches coming later this year, we’re almost excited to have some style mistakes, just so Miss Oops can fix us back up.