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Fall's Funky Hat Trend: Will You Be Participating?

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x17online; Pacific Coast News; Landov

Both Walter White and Jessica Alba both know the transformative power of a bold topper, but whereas White’s Heisenberg hat was purely for evil, these stars are using their funky fedoras and bowler hats for good: To spice up their fall outfits.

Taylor Swift indulged her twee side lately, wearing a raspberry bowler with complementary scarlet trim, though she toned down her usual cat eye and red lip so as not to overdo the retro vibe. Katie Holmes seemed to have taken a style cue from John Mayer, a man who loves an oversized, wide-brimmed style, though her glam shades gave the look more of a girlie edge. And Alba showed there isn’t a hat style she won’t try, swapping her porkpie for a Carmen Sandiego-inspired fedora in a rich blue.

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Obviously this is an enduring fall trend with practical implications, but far from previous years’ prominent neutral fedoras and newsboy caps, this year, stars have been getting a little more inspired with their millinery choices. Some, we support; others, we question, but all make us wonder how much of this bold hat trend will filter down to PEOPLE StyleWatchers. Are you willing to try something a little funky, like Swift’s colorful hat or Katie’s dramatic one? Tell us in the comments!

–Alex Apatoff