October 12, 2012 01:00 PM
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Lauren Conrad might be the author of a beauty book and considered a style-setter, but the star admits she’s fallen victim to her fair share of bad trends.

“One of the worst ones was roll-on body glitter,” she says in PEOPLE’s exclusive video (above). “You would do it on your arms and on your cheeks. I remember doing it before soccer matches, which was really weird.” (Editor’s note: We’re guilty of doing the same thing. What were we thinking?!)

And of course, like every other girl in the ’90s, Conrad had an awesome scrunchie collection. “I liked to match [them] to my outfit and my bike shorts. I was quite the fashionista.”

But the most surprising thing the blonde once tried? Red locks. “I used to box-dye my hair. I had fire-engine red hair at one point … I looked like Ronald McDonald.”

It’s safe to say Conrad has come a long way since her days of body glitter, scrunchies and bad box dye jobs: She now has an adorably chic sense of personal style, she designs two clothing lines and her website has become a super successful destination. Oh, and she’s also a New York Times bestselling author.

Which is why we’re psyched that Conrad followed up her style book with one focused on beauty. “So many times fans ask how to do something, or what tool or product to use, and there are so many tricks I’ve learned from amazing glam teams,” she tells PEOPLE about her inspiration to write her upcoming book, Lauren Conrad Beauty. “I felt this was a great way to share it all with girls who will really put the tips to good use.”

You’ll have to wait until Oct. 16 to read all of Conrad’s secrets and tricks, but we got the author to reveal her number-one piece of beauty advice, and it’s relatively simple: “Play up your positives and the features you love about yourself.”

Watch the above video to hear Conrad dish about other bad beauty trends she fell victim to in the past. And be sure to pick up Lauren Conrad Beauty when it hits shelves next Tuesday. You can also meet the author at one of her upcoming book signings. Tell us: Which one of Conrad’s bad beauty trends did you try when you were younger?

–Jennifer Cress


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