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Exclusive First Look: Kate Moss Gets Naked for St. Tropez

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Courtesy St. Tropez

No tan lines here!

Supermodel (and the new face — and body — of St. Tropez self-tanning products!) Kate Moss bares all to give you an idea of just how well the line works.

“I’m so excited to be working with St. Tropez,” Moss says in a statement. “I’ve been using the products since they started and it’s really a trustworthy, cool brand.”

And she shows just how trustworthy by stripping down without a second thought for her first ad campaign images. St. Tropez’s skincare guru Nichola Joss dished on just how easy the bold shoot was.

“She surrounds herself with people she comfortable with, so it was easy to work with her and yeah, she was basically naked,” Joss tells PEOPLE. “Because she’s comfortable in that environment, there’s no confidence issues which is great.”

Kate Moss St. Tropez
Courtesy St. Tropez

To make sure she radiated “color [and] poolside glamour” during the shoot (check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes shot, above) Joss did a multi-step tanning process on the model.

“We did a lymphatic massage and exfoliated her whole body and used a great moisturizer to prep her skin so it was ready for the tan,” she says. “I then sprayed her all over with St. Tropez original formula in the machine. She slept in it and the next day I did a few skin finishing touch-ups and she was ready.”

Once on set, Moss “loved it! She felt even more sexy than [we thought possible],” Joss shares, adding that music was cranking throughout the shoot, from “Primal Scream to Rolling Stones, with a bit of Donna Summer in the afternoon to keep our energy up.”

And though Moss had Joss on hand to contour her body with the line’s tanner and bronzer, Joss says the results aren’t so hard to replicate without a professional nearby.

“You can get the same results at home with the mousse and the tanning mitt,” Joss tells PEOPLE. “You have to prep the skin and afterwards you have to massage moisturizer in every day to keep it fresh and it’ll fade more evenly.”

And Joss sums up why the whole St. Tropez team is so excited to have Moss on board: “She’s easy, professional, she’s amazing on and offscreen. She has a unique charisma; you can’t help but love her!”

Tell us: What do you think of Moss as the face (and nude body!) of St. Tropez?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Andrea Lavinthal