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Exclusive First Look: Emma Stone's Secret to Happiness (and Great Skin)

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[brightcoveplayer 2205320985001]

Great career, gorgeous boyfriend and impeccable style — we had a hunch Emma Stone might have the meaning of life all figured out. And in this behind-the-scenes look at the star’s photoshoot for Revlon’s Nearly Naked makeup, she proves us right.

“The secret to happiness … is living the life that you want to live,” she says in this exclusive first-look video. “Not based on anyone else’s judgment of your life or your judgment of theirs. Because I think a lot of people compare their insides to other people’s outsides.”

And while we adore the star’s levelheaded mantra, we can’t help but notice that her outsides look especially lovely in the ad, which she attributes to the brand’s super-light new foundation, praising it for letting her freckles show through while hiding “all the stuff you want to cover up.”

Stone dishes several secrets in the upcoming spot, which was shot by John Cameron Mitchell at a Long Island, N.Y. estate, including that her distinctive deep voice is a result of her screaming for months as a baby. That plays into the second secret she reveals, which is that she believes funny is beautiful.

We think you’ll agree once you see the star’s on-set antics in the video above. Watch it here, and check out Revlon’s Nearly Naked makeup, already in drugstores.

Tell us: Is funny beautiful to you? What are your beauty secrets?

–Alex Apatoff