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Exclusive Details of Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty Shoot

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Indrani/Markus Klinko Photography

Brace yourself for an up close and personal peek inside the scene of a stylistic masterpiece: Lady Gaga transformed into a “feline goddess” for last week’s episode of Bravo’s Double Exposure. Taking Hello Kitty to a kitschy high, stylist GK Reid and photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri brought Gaga fashion to a whole new level. “It was Markus’s [Klinko] crazy idea to combine Gaga’s shoot with a shoot for Hello Kitty, and for Gaga’s record label Interscope, requiring dozens of images for three different clients in just three hours,” said Indrani. “And surprisingly it worked, as Gaga wanted to do a homage to the Kitty, and in the process we transformed the house of Hello.” In the shoot, GK accessorized Gaga with a diamond Kitty purse, which she wore in the place of panties, and a diamond-studded mask hiding half her face and shoes made out of discarded lip glosses. But the real standout? Gaga’s funhouse eyes, which were painted on the diva, who had to complete the shoot with her eyes wide shut. “We had planned to enlarge her eyes in post production,” Indrani tells PEOPLE, “but Gaga wanted to do it live, though she had to shoot with her eyes closed.” –Jessie Goldberg

Indrani/Markus Klinko Photography