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EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with Pantene's New Faces: Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts!

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Courtesy Pantene

Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts might not have a lot in common, but one trait they do share? Gorgeous hair. Now, the stunning stars are flaunting their luscious locks as the new faces of Pantene — and we have exclusive behind the scenes pictures! Mendes fronts the “Breakage to Strength” collection, while Watts is modeling for the “Flat to Volume” line. “The amount of torture I put my hair through with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons leaves my hair extremely damaged,” Mendes said in a release. “With Pantene I can use all of these tools and still keep my hair healthy.” Watts, whose campaign will depict her without extensions or chemically altered hair, said she’s sticking up for women with fine tresses. “I want to let [them] know that achieving beautiful, voluminous hair is possible without damaging [it],” she added. Mendes said that the stars’ photo shoots were totally trick-free. “Each look was natural and never manipulated and my hair looked healthy and beautiful for every shot,” she said. And Watts claimed that her new shampoo did the job she was never able to do: style her own hair. “Since I became a mother, the time I have for myself has shrunk dramatically. So I am thrilled with Pantene because the quality of the products helps me get the volume I want with very little effort at all.” The ladies’ ads will hit print and TV markets in July. Stay tuned to Pantene’s Facebook page for more behind-the-scenes information, too. —Kate Hogan

Naomi Watts for Pantene
Courtesy Pantene