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Every Woman Should Own This $98 (!) Tweed-Meets-Moto Jacket

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It doesn’t matter how many coats you already own. If a chic tweed topper with edgy faux leather detailing and an insanely flattering silhouette isn’t hanging in your closet, you are not ready for fall. And now you can get your hands on one for less than a hundred bucks. (And we’re speaking from experience when we say that no quality is sacrificed. It’s as cozy and well-made as jackets four times the price.)

Can you find other jackets for under $100? Sure. Will those jackets actually keep you warm and last more than one or two seasons? Probably not.

This one, on the other hand, is made to last. And you’re definitely going to want it too since the style is so timeless. (It reminds us of the ultra-classic jackets designed by a little French brand famous for their tweed toppers — starts with Ch, ends with el.)

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And as we mention in the above video, it’s truly versatile. You can treat it like a blazer and wear it at work over a blouse, unzipped and with the sleeves rolled. And when temps drop this fall (if they ever do), layer it over a sweater and zip it up to stay cozy.

Check out the work-appropriate and night-out-ready faux leather pencil skirt we’re wearing the jacket with here.

Just one last thing. If you’ve never shopped before, two things: 1. You are missing out! And 2. You can get 10% off your first order, plus free shipping. So, this jacket would be under $85.

You’re welcome, wallet.

–Zoë Ruderman