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Emmys 2014: See Keke Palmer's Sleek Hair to Go With that Big Dress (Exclusive Pics!)

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Keke Palmer promised us a major look would come out of her custom fitting with Rubin Singer, and she certainly didn’t disappoint. And she also promised a sophisticated, sleek hairdo to balance out the dress, and she delivered on that too. Below, her stylist Cynthia Alvarez shares some exclusive getting-ready photos from their prep session, as well as how to get the look at home.

Keke Palmer Emmys HAir
Courtesy Motions

“From the front, the style is very simply pulled back, but once she turns around, you see the interesting detail that we created at the back,” says Alvarezz. “A classic style with a twist, literally!” First up for the 20-year-old star of Just Keke: clean, conditioned hair with extra oomph thanks to Motions “Nourish” leave-in conditioner and “Straight Finish” sealer to keep it all detangled. After applying the line’s shine enhancing pomade, Alvarez got to work.

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Next she parted it into three horizontal sections from the crown to the nape, then did the “topsy tail” maneuver with each section, securing it with a hair tie and then looping the tail up and through the “hole” at the top of the hair tie. She pulled the top pony into the one below as she inverted each on the way down, creating a waterfall effect. After spritzing with Motions “Working Spritz,” she wrapped it to keep it smooth, then aimed a blow dryer at her style to set it into place. Sparkling hair pins at the base of each pony completed the look.

Would you try this look at home? Love it for a glitzy event? Tell us in the comments!

–Alex Apatoff