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Emmys 2013: Ryan Seacrest Was Definitely Not Ready For This Three-Way Fashion Faceoff

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We’ve been busily noting all the killer trends on all the Emmy-going ladies, but don’t think that means we’d let the night’s biggest guy trend slip by us unnoticed. After years of basic black tuxes, Hollywood guys decided to have a little fun with fashion — but they all seemed to have spoken to the same stylist.

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Ryan Seacrest found himself inadvertently involved in two fashion faceoffs during the Emmys pre-show, while interviewing Ty Burrell and Will Arnett. All three men reached for gray suits with satin peak lapels, though Burrell gave his a little variation with a double-breasted style and Arnett stood out thanks to his skinny tie.

It’s not often that we get to do a male style showdown, so we have to put it to a vote: Who did this look best? And are you into this big red carpet trend, or do you miss the basic black?

–Alex Apatoff